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Skateboards and Music

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A skateboard jam based around street skateboardings cult classic - ‘a picnic bench’ ! Custom built around the dimensions of the US School bench along with another built super small like manual pad .

The event will run for the day across two formats. Firstly a free skate jam with product based prizes based on how hard you ride for your ability. The free skate is about fun and your personal achievements its about you pushing yourself and not how you compare to others ..

Secondly a more formally structured comp were your run is judged and scored. The highest scores go through to the final were the prizes are cash moneys 1st £250 2nd £150 3rd £50 4th £50…


Alongside the Main event there will also be a Full Bowl supplied by Southwest Ramps for all to skate


The Picnic bench jam is open to everybody regardless of age and gender and all spectators are welcome. This community event is for all to enjoy and will be family friendly . There will be seating and tables dotted about along with cake and coffee traders. Please also feel free to buy food from other local traders in town or bring things along ..

To compliment the skate Jam the sound system will be coming along with live DJ’s playing music all day. Reggae , HipHop and associated genres will be the order of the day. No restrictions on having a little jive innit !


Free skate / Jam session  10 AM till 2 PM

We built these picnic benches for you guys to enjoy. We fully understand that skateboarding in a comp is super scary, so for the first part of the day its just going to be an open session for you guys to enjoy our hard work and sesh these incredible benches we’ve made. During this jam session we have a bunch of stuff to chuck out for you based on you just doing your thing, no pressure guys - enjoy what we’ve created.




The Competition ….  2PM Onwards


The course will be set out with two benches in a linear format . You have 3 runs along the course from start to finish. You can hit one or both benches, with or without the kicker -  it’s up to you . You will then be scored out of 20 for each run . The best score out of your 3 attempts will be your final result.  The top 5 scores will be carried through to the final where you will have 3 further goes in the same format. The top 4 scores win the cash prizes . 1st £250, 2nd £150, 3rd £50, 4th £50.

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Event Sponsor


As a core Skateboard barnd Polar Skate Co. has supported numerous events and have sent a bunch of prizes for the free skate jam   Thank You Polar Skate Co.


10AM til 5PM 

Sunday  19th November 2023

Please use the contact form for any questions or just to say word up !

Pannier Market , Barnstaple EX31 1SY, UK

Thanks for submitting!

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